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Some of Flymaster B1 Features
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Gin Paragliders
High sensitivity variometer with exclusive UltraSense pressure sensor
Swing Paragliders
Independence Paragliders
Configurable variometer acoustics
  ITV Paragliders
Large high resolution and high contrast display (320x240 pixels) 77mm x 58mm
Paragliding Harnesses
Gin Harnesses
Configurable screen data
  Swing Harnesses
3 digital altimeters
Flymaster B1
Graphic altimeter
Lightweight Harnesses
Analog and digital vario
Real time, flight time and temperature indicators
The Flymaster B1 is the most recent flight instrument from Flymaster Avionics. It is a Variometer targeted at soaring flight pilots who do not require integrated navigation features.
Real time altitude plot
  Mini Paragliders
High capacity rechargeable lithium-ion battery. 20h flight time, fully recharges in less than 2h.
  Mini Paragliders
  Mini Paraglider Harnesses
Wireless interface for multiple probe connection (e.g. wind-speed and temperature)
  Mini Paraglider Harnesses
  Paragliding Reserves  
USB PC connection for flight data download (freeware "B1 Flight Suite" needed, which you´ll find in our download section) and easy firmware upgrade
Gin Reserves
$379 AUD
  Reserve Parachutes
Varios / GPS
Prices include GST and are subject to change
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Delivered including: Storage-case, Parapocket, Charger, USB-cable
Flymaster Vario / GPS
Paragliding Helmets
Insider / No Limit
Some of Flymaster B1 NAV Features


No Limit Jet
GPS with 50 channels and high sensitivity (-160dBm). Fast start-up, 4 Hz position-update-rate (4 positions per second).
Paragliding Boots  
Airstyle Boots  
Paragliding Accessories  
High sensitivity variometer featuring exclusive Ultrasense pressure-sensor technology (resolution of 0.01 m/s)
Go Pro HD Camera
Go Pro HD Helmet
Large high resolution and high contrast display (320x240 pixels) 77mm x 58mm, with backlight
Second Hand Equipment
Flymaster B1 NAV
  Loved and slightly used  
Analog and digital vario (+20 m/s to -20 m/s)
"Next-to-Climb" indicator (a special sound shows when you fly at arround 0 m/s lift or descent, because this means you are already in weak thermals.)
Following the success of the B1 Vario, Flymaster Avionics now launches a new addition to it´s family of high quality flight instruments, the B1-NAV. This new instrument adds to the features of the B1 Vario all the GPS-navigation features needed for cross country and competition flights.
"Data Logger" with capacity for up to 176000 points including position, velocity and altitude (e.g. 500h of flight if 10s recording interval is choosen).
$769 AUD
Competition route definition with all possible variations
Several indicators like glide ratio to objectives, arriving altitude at destination, velocity made good, distance to objectives, etc.
Prices include GST and are subject to change
Order By: Phone Ant 0412271404
Swing Harnesses
Airstyle Boots
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