Adventure Plus Paragliding
  Professional Paragliding
  Stanwell Park NSW Australia
Blueye Flying Glasses $180 AUD
Airstyle Boots $385 AUD
Windwatch Pro $195 AUD
Icom IC 41-S $375 AUD
Gin Race Flight Deck $120 AUD
Airstyle Boots
Gin Paragliders
ITV Paragliders  
Paragliding Harnesses
Gin Harnesses
  Mini Paragliders  
Mini Paragliders  
Mini Paraglider Harnesses  
  Mini Paraglider Harnesses  
  Paragliding Reserves  
  Gin Reserves  
  Reserve Parachutes  
Varios / GPS
Paragliding Helmets
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  subject to change.


Paragliding Boots        
  Gin Paragliding Boots              
  Paragliding Accessories  
Swing ParaglidersSwing Paragliders
Second Hand Equipment  
Loved and slightly used      
Gloryfy Glasses
Quickout $110 ea AUD
Speed bar $79 AUD
Brummel Hooks $5.00 ea AUD
  Mallion Sleeve $10 AUD Reserve Mallion $19ea AUD Austrial Powerfly $38.50 ea AUD    
Swing T Shirt $50 AUD
Gin Radio Phone Case $60 AUD
Gin Concertina Bag $95 AUD
Swing Gloves $149 AUD
$90 AUD
$80 AUD
  Hook Knife $35 AUD
Gin Stuff Sack $95 AUD
Flytec Sonic Vario $235 AUD
Tow Bridle $125 AUD
Other paragliding equipment available...
Airstyle Boots
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Gin Paragliders
Icom Radios
Gloryfy Sunglasses
ITV Paragliders
Little Cloud Paragliders