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  Stanwell Park NSW Australia
Supervised Pilot Certification
Paragliding Courses
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Introduction Course
Supervised Pilot Certification
    Student pilots are provided with expert instruction and the use of all simulator training equipment, gliders, harness, helmet and radios and receive practical and theory lessons, a student pilot workbook, the use of reading material, charts and documentation, Operation Manuals and educational DVD movies.
Private Tuition    
Paramotoring Course  
Paramotoring     Supervised Pilot Certification
  Intermediate     We operate all year round and offer full time courses over a 9 day period, there is no set course dates. Our training hills cover most wind directions and we will do our best to provide you with the opportunity to complete your course in the given amount of time. Paragliding is weather dependant, if the weather becomes unsuitable for flying we then reschedule your training to the next available day you have free. Course groups are kept to a maximum of 3 students for better tuition and quality training.
  Sports Tandem    
  Tandem Flights    
Gift Vouchers
  Cost $2500
        Course price is limited to 12 training days then day rates
        apply $300 per day if further training is required
        Phone Ant 0412271404
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