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Seawind SH-01 Skytracer $399 AUD
  Mini Paragliders   Seawind SH-02 PPG Top $499 AUD  
  Mini Paragliders   Seawind SH-03 Take Off $249 AUD  
  Mini Paraglider Harnesses   Seawind SH-05 Breeze $199 AUD  
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Varios / GPS
Flymaster Vario / GPS


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Paragliding Helmets
Prices include GST and are subject to change.
Phone Antony 0412271404  
Insider / No Limit
All helmets are available in colours Black Red White or Blue  
No Limit Jet
SH-03 Black
SH-03 Red
SH-03 Blue
SH-03 White
SH-01 Blue
SH-02 Blue
SH-05 White
Paragliding Boots
Airstyle Boots  
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Go Pro HD Camera
Go Pro HD Helmet
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Loved and slightly used  
Adventure Plus Paragliding that's what we're all about. Bringing you only the best there is available. Fly high Fly safe Fly far
Swing Harnesses
Airstyle Boots
Adventure Plus Paragliding Pty Ltd, Chief Flight Instructor  Ph: Antony 0412271404,  Email us:
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