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The latest harness development from Swing with integrated
Mini Paraglider Harnesses back section from the alpine back pack specialist "Deuter"
  Mini Paraglider Harnesses the Connect Reverse convertable harness / back pack. A
  Paragliding Reserves
sophisticated, state of the art and extremely comfortable
Gin Reserves
Swing Connect Reverse $1250 AUD
paragliding harness.
Reserve Parachutes
The Connect Reverse is particularly suited to any pilot
Varios / GPS
Prices include GST and are subject to change
looking for a top quality harness which is comfortable yet
Order By: Phone Ant 0412271404
light weight. More Info
Flymaster Vario / GPS
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  Loved and slightly used
The Connect 2 will set a new standard for harnesses with its
  sophisticated features designed to enhance pilot comfort.
  The harness and seat geometry have been redefined,
    resulting in an extremely high level of flying comfort, and
Swing Connect 2 $1100 AUD
this ensures non strenuous and relaxed flying.
The Connect 2 fits the pilots body prefectly and allows even    
Prices include GST and are subject to change
better glider feed back to the pilot. At the same time, the
Order By: Phone Ant 0412271404
redesigned reserve system makes reserve deployment
  even simpler. More Info
Swing Paragliders
The CONNECT LIGHT 2 builds on the great success enjoyed
Swing Paragliders by the CONNECT LIGHT. We have been very pleased with
  the harness geometry of our new CONNECT 2  (harness with
    foam protector), and this is incorporated in the CONNECT
Swing Connect 2 Light $1100 AUD
LIGHT 2. You will notice how comfortable it is the very first
time you try it. With the CONNECT LIGHT 2, the inlet is no
Prices include GST and are subject to change
longer under the seat. Instead a side ram-air inlet is used
Order By: Phone Ant 0412271404
to inflate the Cygnus Airbag. This means the airbag also
  offers a high level of protection during launch (tested    
    according to the latest DHV guidelines). More Info
Connect Reverse
  The Connect Race is an innovative, aerodynamic and very
  practical XC and competition harness, which will impress you
    with the special level of comfort it offers. It was developed
Swing Connect Race $1500 AUD
in close collaboration with cross-country expert Daniel tyrkas
.As repeat German cross country champion, he knows
Prices include GST and are subject to change
exactly what is imortant. Naturally the Connect Race has LTF
Order By: Phone Ant 0412271404
certification, making it the ideal harness for long cross
country flights and competitions. More Info
Swing Protect Reserve Parachute
The Brave 2 Harness is the new concept of reversible
Swing Protect Reserve harness/rucksack designed specifically for experienced and
  expert speedriders. It’s lighter, less bulky, and is perfectly
    suited to off-piste and wild area use. The rucksack side of
Swing Brave 2 $500 AUD
the harness has new ski and equipment attachments for
touring. The new ergonomic shape and ventilation system
Prices include GST and are subject to change
on the back makes it very comfortable to carry, even on a
Order By: Phone Ant 0412271404
long walk. This rucksack enables to storage of the harness
  and the glider in separate compartments. More Info
Connect reverse accessories pack
Connect Harness Accessories
Deuter Streamer 3 litre waterbag
Deuter transport coverConnect Reverse side pocketDeuter rain protection cover
Swing Paragliders
Connect Reverse accessories pack $199
Deuter Streamer 3 litre waterbag $70
Deuter transport cover $85
More Info
Connect Reverse side pockets $55
Prices include GST and are subject to change
Deuter rain protection cover $55
Order By: Phone Ant 0412271404
Airstyle Boots
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